All About Composite Panels And Their Application

Composite panels are one of the most popular choices among the architects and the engineers because of the flexibility and durability that these provide. These could be bent and joined and even cut and therefore these could be installed in any configuration and therefore these are getting popular and the application for these are increasing. These however are not new but have been in use since the 1960s and now a days these are very much used in many of the construction application which are wall cladding and even canopies in the commercial property.

You may think that the composite panels are only available in the metallic original colors but these are available in the variety of the colors and even different finishes and the texture. Not only are these very much good in their durability and but these are now much more cost effective and therefore, these are preferred over the other kind of good panels such as the precast panels.

The other kind of panels had very much limitations because of their weight but since the composite panels are very much light in their weight and therefore the range of the application. Earlier panels not only were difficult to install but these took too much of the time in the installation and therefore the project took more time than it is required and with the introduction of the composite panel this problem was solved.

There are two types of insulation that comes with the composite panels, one of which is the acoustic insulation and the second is thermal insulation. These composite panels also provide the weather resistance which means that these have very much less effect on the intensity of the weather.

Depending upon the properties of the composite panels, these could be used in different applications. Some of these properties include the fire behavior, mechanical properties, impermeability and many more. Composite panels are however, designed to resist the fire and the researches and the studies have found out that the composite panels do not start the fire and do not even aid in the combustion of the fire. However, if fire is started in that place then it could be due to any other reason. Although, the impacts of fatigue and bending could have their effects on the composite panels but these also vary with the intensity of these. In a nutshell, the composite panels offer the efficient and cost effective solution to many of the previous construction problems and have proven to be helpful in number of applications.